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Late night doodle by August823
Late night doodle
I just started with the hair honestly. I was bored. I couldn't get a head shape, so I just made some lines to make hair, and I literally just went off of that. This took my like 20 or so to draw? Hmmm .-. I just like that hair

For the rough draft version, follow this link:…
AP First Edition  by August823
AP First Edition
I honestly don't have an exact name for this new character yet. I'm working on a comic idea about a princess who isn't really what'd you'd expect from a princess. AP basically stands for "Average Princess" since I don't have a name. I do like the initials A.P though, since a bit of her personality is influenced by an online friend of mine who I usually call M.N
   Maybe I'll find a name that can fit with A.P, if anyone has suggestions I would love to hear them. The name should be normal, and be a common name that is common sounding but isn't actually seen a lot. The idea of this character is for her to just be normal.
   During the series, there will be other characters, parody's of actual princesses and different princess scenarios.
When I find an anime object in real life by August823
When I find an anime object in real life
If you look closely, I edited a deathnote to replace the notebook she was holding.... I'm terrible >.> but that's what I thought of when I saw her like that holding a note book. She was originally like: "He looked at me" but I thought of deathnote ._.

    I have no idea how to categorize this
Annie LoL Fanart by August823
Annie LoL Fanart
Just a bit of a doodle. One of my late night drawings I just free hand, and come up with the idea as I go rather than plan what to draw. Just go whatever looks okay.

    Annie The Dark Child, a champion from League of Legends. An interesting little brat who skips around setting enemies on fire alongside her enchanted teddy bear Tibbers.... Poor Tibbers... He used to be some sort of living bear, and the girl enchanted him into a teddy bear! Welp, I need to work on my art 'skills'..... 


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United States
I'm August, the mouse with a cat's meow! Call me Auggie if you will, as most people call me that... Who knows >.> I started as child with a desire to be good at something, then I suddenly became a ditto and was able to copy things just by looking at it- and now, I am a puppet on a string- wait, no.... that's not right ._.
Oh! I am now an immature mouse who got a little better at drawing, trying to do mangas/comics now. So in a way, I leveled up and I got some upgrades.... now if only I can stop losing my drawing tablet's pen x.x

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