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Red to the Max: Chapter 2, Encounter 2/2

[Okay, if I fail, I failed- but at least I took off!]

  During the month, Red replaced the other delivery person and started to deliver supplies to his grandpa himself, and once in awhile Red would see Fang again. Not that Red didn't mind the company, he just found Fang to be a suspicious character, but he couldn't really determine anything, he was still training in Mastery, but he knew that once he got on another level it would be easier for him to figure Fang out... or at least he hoped.

   "It's been over a month now", I thought to myself, walking through the forest. I looked around just in case Fang decided to try to surprise me, once in a while he would do that. This time I can't let him sneak up on me, I'm training in Mastery, and if I can't handle a little jump scare how am I going to become the best?
Nothing. Actually, there was nothing, everything was silent in the forest today, and there was this weird feeling... Something is different, I can just feel it, it's almost as if the world is trying to look away.

Red shook his head, and assumed he was just being paranoid. Little did he know, Red was being watched far off by Fang, however Fang didn't intend on changing to his human form just yet. 
  "Red's not the only one who can spot a ripe apple from a distance" Fang thought to himself licking his lips, Red must be so tasty... But something was different, he loved the sent of Red, and he probably would be tasty, but he knew he wanted something more than to just eat Red. "I've planned for this for so long... So why am I thinking twice about this?" Fang shook his head trying to get together- that's when he started to grin when he saw Red getting distracted again. Red went on his knees not knowing he was being watched as he reached forward for something that caught his eye. Fang felt his heart raced at the sight, and that's when he noticed how turned on he was.
"Change of plans, I know what I want now" Fang ran off ahead of Red, already knowing where he was heading. 

  Red picked the rose that caught his eye when he heard some movement behind him. He quickly turned around but nothing was there. Red shrugged it off and picked up his basket, setting the rose inside of it as well. "I wonder where Fang is" Red mumbled to himself looking around as he walked, he continued to think more about it when he suddenly stopped and shook his head. "Why do I even care? All he does is distract me...." Red trailed off seeing the river up ahead with it's glittering water.
  Being the Red he is, he couldn't help himself. Red ran up to the river and splashed some of the water, watching the sun's light reflect on the droplets, he smiled, forgetting for a moment what he was even here for.

   Meanwhile, Fang, as much as he wanted to watch Red let himself get distracted by the littlest things [he found it all amusing], forced himself to go on. The journey usually took longer for Red, but not for Fang. Fang was running, Red usually didn't run all the way, and Fang was a wolf, he could travel faster- not to mention he didn't let himself get distracted like Red. When he arrived to Red's grandpa's house, he already knew he was going to have time to spare- he's traveled with Red many times, and if Red was by himself, it could be hours before he's even halfway. Fang turned into his human form for a moment to knock on the door, he waited a few minutes but already knew the grandpa was coming just from hearing the footsteps.
"Red is that you? That's sooner than- Oh, you're not Red" Red's Grandpa opened the door and looked at Fang, "You must be that man that sometimes travels with Red"
"Yes, I am... You won't be seeing Red today" Fang stepped closer to the Grandpa, he was going to have time to spare, might as well enjoy a good mood while he waited.
"What do you mean? Is he not coming today?" The Grandpa stepped back a little, Fang pushed his way in and closed the door, looking down at the man,
"Oh no, he is coming today... You just won't be here when he does" Fang flashed his teeth at the man, Red's Grandpa's eyes widened. Unlike Red, who has seen glimpses of Fang's teeth before, Grandpa was more experienced in Mastery and was instantly able to figure out who Fang was. The Grandpa turned to run, but Fang was already jumping at him, in wolf form. Fang bit down into the Grandpa's neck quickly, going for a quick death, he didn't want to risk getting the Huntsman's attention....

   After a few hours or so [okay many], Red finally reached his Grandpa's house, the sun was late into the sky, it will be dark by the time get he gets back. Red looked back for a moment before walking up to the door and knocking on the door,
"Grandpa, it's Red, I'm here with the supplies- oh, and I got some other stuff too!" Red smiled looking down at his basket, he collected many things during the trip here. He waited for a moment but heard nothing, "Grandpa?" Red stood on his toes trying to look through the mini window in the door- but it was covered. Red frowned a little and knocked again, "Grandpa, hello? Are you home?" Red pushed a little more on the and it opened. 
   Red jumped back a little and brought out his fighting staff, he used his staff to push the door open more. Red walked in cautiously, looking around quietly, "Something's wrong..." Red thought to himself. When he saw nothing, he moved on into the next rooms, still nothing.
"G-grandpa?" Red called out trying to be brave, but his voice was shaky.

   Fang grinned a little, hearing Red's small voice drawing near, he could smell Red's delicious scent from where he was. Fang rolled over a little to make the bed creak, and pulled the covers over his head.

   Red nearly jumped when he heard the bed creak, his heart was racing, but when he heard the noise he relaxed a little. "Grandpa is just sleeping, he must of left the door open for me" Red concluded in his head, "But just in case, I should check on him. Grandpa could be sick" Red opened the door quietly and stepped in,
"Grandpa, it's me, Red" Red said quietly and set his basket on Grandpa's desk.
"hello red" Red heard his 'Grandpa' muffle quietly. Red frowned a little and took off his cloak, setting it on the chair before he walked over to the side of the bed
"Are you feeling over Grandpa?" Red asked, he studied the figure in the bed for a moment.

[I mean this whole little red scene with the "What big eyes you have" "The better to-", I know it's a thing, and no matter how stupid it is, it just has to be in here right? Because it's little red theme..]
    Red poked the figure, "Grandpa, what big muscles you have"
"The better to hug you-"
[Yeah, We are SO not going through this, I don't care, i'm doing it my WAY! Sorry Original Little Red, but that scene is really stupid, I mean, SERIOUSLY?!?! Get some glasses girl! Oh, right, in the middle of s story >.> er... Back to the story!]

  Red set his staff down against the wall, "G-grandpa? You seem different" The figure turned over and scooted away from Red,
"not feeling well" the voice mumbled again. Red climbed on the bed to get closer,
"You're voice does sound a little off...?" Red noticed something poking up in the blanket it, and just because he was Red, he couldn't but poke it, "What's this?" 

     Fang moaned a little feeling Red's touch there. He felt Red flinch a little, and the weight on the bed started to change as Red backed away. Fang quickly got up and smiled at Red, "Hello there Red, how nice of you to be here"

     Red froze in shock, "F-fang?!" his voice was quiet, not able to get louder. Fang grinned a little, flashing his teeth at Red. Red's eyes widened, he wasn't as experienced as Grandpa, and has seen Fang's teeth many times, but being this close to Fang, he finally put the two together. "W-werewolf" Red shouted as he moved to get away, but before he could even get off the bed, Fang grabbed his wrist with an iron grip and pinned it to the bed. Red looked up into Fang's hungry eyes,
"W-what are you doing?! Where's G-grandpa"
    Fang grinned some more as he grabbed Red's other wrist and pinned it down, he lowered his face closer to Red and sniffed in, Red looked away, his whole body was shaking in fear, but his eyes were the most precious in Fang's opinion.
"A-are you going to eat me? Y-you ate grandpa too, didn't you?" Red asked, his voice was not like usual, it was more quiet and timid, he really was scared.
"You're so cute like this" Fang said before lightly kissing the small boy. "I was going to, but I don't want to let this body of your's go to waste"

   Red squirmed, trying to break out of Fang's grip, "Let go of me!" Red yelled at Fang. Fang laughed as he put Red's hands together over his head, and pushed a knee into Red's stomach to hold him down easier. 
"But I already have you were I want you" Fang said, he held both of Red's arms up with one hand as he grabbed a rope from under the pillow. "What caught your eye this time? I had to wait a while for you" Fang smiled as he tied Red's hands together.
"Leave me alone" Red pulled his arms away, before slamming them back into Fang to hit him. Fang pulled the left over rope up to make Red's arms go up again,
"It'll take more than a little hit from you to stop me" Fang tugged on the rope as he tied it to the bed. Fang got off of Red for a moment and got off the bed to take a good look.
   Red curled up against the bed's frame back part, trying to get far away from Fang, he looked up at werewolf as he tied to get his hands free. Fang studied Red's small body wondering where he should start first.
"What are you going to do with me?" Red asked before trying to bite at the rope to get free, Fang chuckled a little and climbed over to the boy again. He lifted his chin up with his finger so they would meet eye to eye, Fang's claw was out on that one finger, poking it into Red, "We're going to have a little fun"
   Fang moved his finger down to Red's chest, and started to cut his shirt off with his claw, moving even further down. Red blushed rapidly, "L-leave my clothes alone". Fang tore Red's shirt off before finishing up on his shorts. Red squirmed some more trying to get area, "S-stop!"

   "Stop? But we haven't even started yet" Fang whispered into Red's ear as he pulled his underwear off. Fang held little boy close to him, licking his nipple a little, he glanced up to see Red turn away. Fang started to move down, licking Red's body until he reached the boy's member.
"No, n-not there!" Red gasped as Fang licked the tip. Red tried to kick Fang away, and close up his legs. Fang growled, getting annoyed at Red's resistant, and forcefully pushed his legs open, pinning them on the bed. Red looked at Fang shook his head, Fang smiled at Red before putting Red's full-length into his mouth.
     Red closed his eyes shut and bit his lip trying to hold it it. Fang saw this and let go of one of Red's legs to grope the kid's balls. Red moaned softly, his eyes watered, ashamed of the dirty sound he just made.
"No, don't be sad, that was adorable" Fang stopped and ran his hand through Red's hair, the boy looked at him and glared,
"You're terrible"
"I won't deny that" 
"You won't get away with this" Red spat at Fang, this man Fang smile,
"I've already have" Fang said sticking his finger into Red's mouth, his fingers wrapping around Red's tongue, "I need to get these wet for you"
Red's face reddened in anger and put as much as he could into biting down on Fang's fingers. 
"Ow, such strong teeth for a human child" Fang sucked in a breath as he yanked his fingers out of Red's mouth, as much as the bite hurt him, possibly even left marks, he couldn't help but turned on by the boy.

   "You're making this harder for me Red, if you keep being attractive like this, it's going to hurt you" Fang told him as he probed Red's hole with one of the fingers he put in Red's mouth. Red's eyes widened, and he moved his hips away from the finger, "No!" 
Fang grabbed Red's his forcefully and held them in place, "No?"
"Don't put your dirty fingers there!" Red gritted his teeth. 
"I won't then, but now it's going to hurt" Fang said while groping Red's butt.
"What do you mean-" Red felt his hurt jump as Fang grabbed his body and flip him over on his belly.  
    "You said no fingers, so I guess I can't prep you" Fang told Red as he pulled off his own pants and underwear. Fang grabbed Red's waist tightly and held him in place before sticking his tongue into his hole,
"Ah, d-don't do that" 
Fang pulled away watching the hole quiver a little, "Why? Are you getting aroused?" Fang felt Red's erection. Red looked down shamefully. "Don't worry, you might want to relax because this going to hurt a lot at first, but you'll like it" Fang warned the kid, before rubbing his cock against Red, not entering yet. Red tried to pull away again, shaking his hips trying to get away from Fang's touch. 
"That's only turning me on more" Fang said before he grabbed Red's hips again.
"Let go of me!" Red cried, glancing over his shoulder to see what Fang was doing. Fang hushed the boy a softly before pushing the head of his own member against Red's entrance, it was going to be a tight fit, and he was going to have to literally force it in since he didn't prep Red before hand- but Red did tell him no fingers.

  Red screamed out in pain as Fang inserted the head of his member inside of him. Fang rubbed Red's penis gently to soothe him. Red's sight flooded with tears, "I-it hurts, take it out, take it out- stop if Fang!"
"I haven't even went all the way in, and you're the one to blame, you wouldn't let me prep you" Fang hushed Red as he stroked Red's full length. Red's hips relaxed a little at the pleasure in the front. "I'll go in slowly to give you time to stretch" Fang told the weeping boy before he pushed himself more into Red.
   "O-ow, n-no, it hurts too m-much- Gah" Red's body started to tremble, he got really tight.
"R-red, if you tighten up like that, I won't be able to hold back" Fang closed his eyes, forcing himself to stop halfway in. Gradually Red started to loosen up as his body adjusted to the change. Red sniffled a little and turned away again.
    "You'll find yourself loving this soon, I promise" Fang assured him, reaching up to Red's face, and wiping his tears as he pulled out a little.

   Fang could feel Red's heart beating fast. Fang slowly started to thrust into Red back and forth at half length.
"i-it hurts..." Red whimpered, shaking his head, "Stop... please, stop- Ah~" Red's soft cries started to change into small moans of pleasure. Red bit his lip again trying to stop himself, but the sensation was too much to deny. 
"I told you would enjoy this" Fang laughed quietly, this slow pace was starting to turn him off, his body was aching to go more.
"I don't enjoy this! you... you- ahh... you perv" Red gripped onto the ropes tightly. Fang could no longer control himself and slammed into Red deeper, hitting Red's prostate. Red's eyes widened again as he let out a ear-piercing shriek.

    Even Red himself couldn't recognize his own voice, and it was his own scream. Red tightened up again, his body went into a small spasm. Fang stroked Red's member again to soothe him, "Relax, you need to relax or it'll hurt even more" Fang looked down when felt something cold trickle down. Blood. The scent of Red's blood filled Fang's nose, and he felt his lust for the boy grow as he started to thrust into him faster. Red winced in pain again, but not as bad as before. He looked down crying into a pillow as his throat released some more moans, much louder and full of pleasure.
    Fang slammed into Red again before he started to cum inside of him. Red gasped in shock, feeling the cum inside of him, "I-it's hot" 
"Does it feel good?" Fang pulled out slowly, letting it drip down. Red rolled over to his side, his eyes were puffy from all the crying,
"N-no, it didn't" 
"Then what was this?" Fang inserted two fingers into Red causing another moan to escape Red's lips. Red closed his eyes letting more tears stream down his face,
"I'll... i'll make you pay for this" Red said quietly panting. He raised his head and glared at Fang, "I'll kill you, when I become the best at Mastery"
     Fang smiled and untied Red, "I'll have to stop you then" Fang's eyes flashed for a moment looking into Red's eyes, Red sucked in a breath as the side of his stomach started to burn. Red's arms dropped down to his chest as he pulled them close to him, Red moved his legs trying to cover himself up. Fang ran a hand through Red's hair as the boy closed his tired eyes, worn out. Fang's smile faded and he started to growl when he sniffed the air. The Huntsman. 
"Mr. Saitō, sir" The Huntsman called out as he barged into the house. Red's eyes snapped open,
"Help-" Red shouted but was quickly gagged by Fang with his torn shirt. Fang quickly grabbed Red's cloak and wrapped him up in it before picking him up bridal style. Red spit his shirt out of his mouth and froze up seeing that Fang intended to take him away.

     "Put the boy down!" The huntsmen threw a throwing axe just above Fang's head as a warning. Fang held Red tightly in his arms, Red stared at the Huntsman with wide eyes and mouthed the words 'help me' to him. The Huntsman nodded at the boy and raised his main axe up and had it ready, "Put the boy down"
Fang narrowed his eyes at the Huntsman as he slowly set Red down on the bed. Red held his cloak tightly as Fang kissed his ear and whispered, "This isn't over"
     The Huntsman launched himself at Fang with incredible speed already in a chopping motion, Fang quickly dodged by rolling to his side and popping back up only to duck again, barely missing the next swing. Fang snapped into his wolf form and ran out of the room, The Huntsman grabbed his throwing axe, ready to make pursuit.
"Wait" Red was sitting on the edge of the bed and grabbed the man's arm to stop him, "D-don't leave me" 

     The Huntsman lowered his weapons and picked the boy up, "I won't" 
Red hugged the Huntsman and laid his head on his shoulder. "Let's clean you up and take you home" The Huntsman rubbed Red's back gently as he carried him to the bathroom to wash him.

     "Those filthy creatures, I should of been their earlier" The Huntsman sighed. The Huntsman, now known as Artemin, washed Red's hair. 
"I'm just glad you even showed up..." Red said quietly looking down a little. Artemin frowned and lifted Red's head up before pouring some water to wash the shampoo out. 
"I guess... You're a delivery boy, aren't you?" Artemin started to rub Red's back with a soapy sponge, changing the subject.
"Sort of, I'm training in Mastery right now" Red looked up at him, "You're to the max aren't you? No one else can move that fast" Red's eyes widened and he moved away from man, "U-unless you're not human"
"No, I'm human, I am a huntsman of Mastery, hunting is my skill type" Artemin quickly assured the boy. Red relaxed and let the man pour some more water on him to wash off the soap. Artemin got up to grab a towel, he handed it to Red before pulling the drainer in the tub. Red wrapped himself in the towel and started to dry off after Artemin turned around.
      "I want to be the best person at Mastery" Red told Artemin after wrapping the towel up around him. Artemin handed Red a some clothes from his grandpa's drawer, along with Red's own underwear, which didn't get torn up like the rest of his clothes. Red slipped the bottom parts on first not caring if the pants were too big, he was just glad to be wearing clothes.
    Artemin started to tie a belt around Red's waist to hold the pants up and froze, "I think you made have a problem with your goal" he poked at a mark that was engraved into Red's side. Red winced a little a looked down at the mark, "W-what is that?"
"That bastard... he's marked you as his, you probably don't know what that means since you're not that far into Mastery" Artemin frowned and put the shirt on Red to cover the mark.
"What is it?!" Red asked, his voice was shaky again.
"When a supernatural creature marks a human as their own, they will always be able to track the marked human, and a certain arrangement is down, they can learn what human knows, or even take life energy from them." Artemin explained, "And that is why you can never meet your goal"
    "You mean I can't study Mastery?" Red's eyes widened again,
Artemin shook his head, "If anyone part of the system found out of you being marked, depending on how much you know, they would mind wipe you, or just cancel your training... It's too dangerous for a marked human to know Mastery, you understand the risk of that don't you?"
Red hugged Artemin tightly, "No, please, don't tell them! I have to learn Mastery, and when I get better, I'm going to be like my father. I can't let him down!"

    "The only way to cancel out the mark is to kill the creature who gave it to you" 
Red looked up at The Huntsmen and pulled away, he grabbed his cloak and put it on with a grim expression, "I already planned on doing so" Red pulled up his hood and left the bathroom to get the rest of his stuff. Artemin got up and followed,
"Impossible, you'll need to improve in Mastery to kill a werewolf-"
"Then let me. Don't tell them about me being marked, give me a chance to defeat Fang" Red looked up at Artemin after grabbing his basket. Artemin grabbed Red's staff for him. Red walked past him and stumbled a little, still sore from before. Artemin quickly picked Red up and carried him,
     "Fine, but don't think i'll cover up for you if you get caught"
Red looked at Artemin with cold, determined eyes, "You won't have to, because by the time I do, i'll have a new cloak made out of that wolf"


                                                                End of Encounter

[Well that just happened.... So how was it?!? Did I do a good job? If you're reading this, please comment! This was my first... my first scene EVER [well not roleplay wise *wink*], and I worked really hard on it. Thanks for reading, and I'm going to see how far I get with this story]


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